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Always ensure that you have the correct details on your food labels ...

If you sell packaged food at a market, don't be surprised if a Health Inspector visits your stall. They are there to ensure that your products meets the health regulations, and that includes labeling.

So, what food requires a label and what has to be on the label?
The quick answer appears to be any food that is packaged.
That is in jars, bottles, cans, cellophane wrapped etc.

What has to be on the label?

Your Business Name and Address

Your Phone number

The ingredients

Use by or Best Before date

Batch Number

Nutritional Panel


Country of origin

A good idea here is to read the back of the cornflake packet over breakfast.

Let's take them one at a time:

Name, address, & phone

Use your own name if you do not have a business name.

The ingredients

List all ingredients, but not quantities.

Use by or
Best Before date

How long is the product good for?

Batch Number

The date of manufacture can be used if you do not use batch numbers.

Nutritional Panel

Now this is where the fun starts, as this has to completed for each separate product that requires a label.

You need to go to
From the Quick Links, select "Nutritional Panel Calculator".
Once there click the "Proceed to Legal Agreement and Terms of Use" link.
Read the whole page (!) and agree to their terms and conditions.
Now you can click on "Proceed to the Nutrition Panel Calculator (NPC)" and
click "Start A New Recipe"
Enter your recipe name and click "Add Ingredients"

Once all ingredients are entered, print the recipe.
The printout will include the nutritional table.
Think you have finished?
Well now you still have to produce a label to actually stick on your product. The quickest and easiest way is to re-type it into a word processing package.

I have done the exercise. And from selecting the recipe from a magazine to printing the label took about 30 minutes. Thank heavens we don't make 100 different varieties of pickles.


Example "May contain traces of peanuts"

Country of origin

"Made in Australia"


So, what if I say that it's all too hard and I'm not going to comply with the regulations.
The health inspector has the authority to either ask you to remove the items from sale or confiscate them and have them destroyed.


This page is designed as a guide only.
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